Schrier’s Golemite monoprints are produced from steel plates that are unused scrap metal from his cut steel calligraphic sculptures. Resembling figures, the Hebrew words of stacked letters represent the traits of 36 righteous persons, who according to legend, live unassumingly in every generation. Schrier paints and spatters the hand made papers in this ongoing series to achieve visual qualities inherent in the words.

Below is a sampling of these recent works. Schrier continues in creating 18 versions of each calligraphic figure/word selected for the series, each a unique work on paper.

Neshema / Soul 

(three versions shown, approximately 26" X 38" each)


Rachmanot / Compassionateness 

(two versions shown, approximately 26" X 38" each)



Simcha / Joy 

(two versions shown, approximately 22" X 29" each)



Ahavah / Love 

(two versions shown, approximately 24" X 30" each)



Tzedakah / Righteousness 

(two versions shown of several variable sizes)



B'chochmah/ Wisdom 

(two versions shown of several variable sizes)



Yideyeh / Knowledge 

approximately 22" X 30"


Schrier’s cut steel sculpture series that spawned the works on paper, is titled, ”Out of Emptiness /Serif Seraphim”, and was presented for his solo exhibition last year at Yeshiva University Museum / Center for Jewish History, Manhattan. 


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